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What you need to know:

  • Our solar shades are custom build up to 25 feet wide, with a drop of 18 feet.
  • SunSaver offers the most attractive and strongest solar shades on the market today.
  • The Side Retention System (SRS) is a zipper system that provides a fully-enclosed shaded area that works as a full bug screen. This system provides ultimate strength in wind loads up to 75 MPH.
  • A cassette casing is optional on all shades to keep fabric protected and out of the elements when closed.
  • There are many fabric choices including different solar protection options from an 80% UV blockage up to 99% UV blockage. The lighter weaves allow more UV rays to enter.  We at SunSaver strongly recommend at least a 95% UV blockage.  At 95% you are better protected from UV rays and still have an incredible view.
  • Interior and Exterior mounting options are available.
  • SunSaver eliminates unsightly power cords by hardwiring the electrical on motorized shades.

Coloradans love the outdoors and panoramic views. Homes with large living areas with high sun exposure should consider rotational drop arm awnings. SunSaver Awnings offers a new generation of exterior shading products that dramatically reduce heat and glare without changing the beauty of the interior craftsmanship. These products shade from the outside, while eliminating excessive indoor heat. Rotational drop arm awnings beat three pane argon-filled windows in heat, fading, and glare reduction. The drop arm awning can be built with solar shade fabric so you will not loose your view.

SunSaver Awnings offers customized rotational window awnings for exterior solar shading. Sun or shade—it's your choice with rotational window awnings. With the widest variety of styles, colors and options to choose from, window awnings offer functional and versatile sun protection for your home.

SunSaver Awnings offers exterior solar screens with manual or motorized mechanisms. Exterior screens add instant shade to a room. They reduce the glare and solar heat by 97 percent. Widths are available up to 25 feet. Any outdoor living space can be extended with an exterior screen product. Open weave and solid acrylics materials are available.

Drop-Arm Window Awnings

Homes with "hot" rooms should consider exterior solar shades or drop arm awnings. Solar shades reflect the sun's rays and absorb solar heat; so the glare and heat do not pass through windows into the home. Since less heat is coming into the home, solar shades reduce the need of air conditioning which saves money. SunSaver Awnings offers many types of external solar shades with manual or motorized mechanisms options. 

SunSaver Awnings has the perfect exterior solar shade for any room in your home. For a solar shade estimate, please call SunSaver at 303-694-6847 or email us 

Exterior Solar Shades

Great Room Protection