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Awning or Solar Shade Does Not Respond to TELIS 4 Remote.

The grey button at the bottom of the Telis 4, is the "Power" that is used to change the function for you shade product.

The row of 4 dots (lights) are the individual functions. From the left: #1 is usually the shade product. #2-#4, could be additional shade products, lights or drop shade. The installer will be programming this for you.

If the "light" is moved from #1 position to #2-#4, the shade product will not work.

Press the grey power button to move the light back to the #1 position. (If lights, drop shae or additional shade product, are not working, move the light to the corresponding program.)

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Retractable awnings and solar shades are complex pieces of equipment with arms, elbows, manual and motorized mechanisms. Overtime outdoor shading products need repair from normal wear and tear and UV damage. A sudden wind gust might damage retractable awnings and solar shades. SunSaver Awnings services awnings WE have installed both for Eclipse and Sunair retractable and solar shade products.

If your awning that we installed needs repair, please call SunSaver at 303-694-6847 or email us at shademe@sunsaverawnings.com